The bat has reached Brenner’s school.You will be able to watch them

The bat has reached Brenner’s school.You will be able to watch them

The earliest bats have reached the attic of the Brenna School in Beskids, Silesia. From May, with the help of specially prepared observatories, it is possible to observe the colony of these mammals-said Katarzyna Macura, head of the Brenner State Promotion Center.

A flock of bats will spend the spring and summer in the attic of the school, usually there are about 300 bats. The young man will be born in June. “Two species have arrived-the little horseshoe bat and the big shark.” Macura said: “They spent the winter in the caves of the Stołowa, Trzy Kopce, Grabowa and Malinowa plots. “

The observatory that can observe and monitor bats consists of two parts. You can watch the bats through the Venetian mirror. The glass reduces sound and keeps light from passing through. You can hear the sounds of animals through the speakers. On the first floor of the school, a media room was created for educational activities. The images recorded by the cameras in the attic are transmitted on the monitor.

“The observatory will open soon. “On May 2, we will hold a museum night in Brenner, and this event will be open,” said the head of the Brenner Publicity Center.

After that, the observatory will be open during school opening hours. However, you must make an appointment in advance through Brenna’s Cultural and Sports Promotion Office.

There are more than 980 kinds of bats in the world, 25 of which are in Poland, and some of them are endangered. They have been in the attic of Brener School for many years. At the end of spring, the bear was born here, you can also see it.

PAP-Polish Science, Marek Szafrański

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