Małopolskie/ 11 species of bats hibernate in Ojców National Park

Małopolskie/ 11 species of bats hibernate in Ojców National Park

Forestry workers from Poznan University of Life Sciences have counted 721 wintering bats of 11 species in Ojkov National Park. The vast majority are smaller horseshoes; the number of this species in the area has increased for several years.

Katarzyna Sycz, vice president of theology department of the Forester Club of Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland, told PAP on Saturday that of the 721 hibernating bats found in his father’s cave, 631 out of 631 were small horseshoes. Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros).

She emphasized: “The number of specimens of this species is still increasing. This is another record number in the area.”

Ojców and its surrounding areas are one of the most important wintering grounds for this bat in Poland. The Ciemna cave is also the largest wintering site for small horseshoe bats in the Czestochowa mountain region of Krakow. The living conditions of this species are very good in these areas-wooded areas with limestone rocks, abundant food and convenient places to spend the winter.

The remaining 90 individuals are representatives of the following species: Great Horseshoe Bat, Nocturne bat, Northern Red Bat, Crested Spodoptera, Scallop Spodoptera, Brandt Spodoptera/Watesatek/Alkaline, Late Scotia, Brown-eared Bat and Western barbecue.

According to Poznań researchers, bats are in good condition in Ojców National Park. The welfare of these mammals is affected by the improvement of the natural environment, mainly involving the withdrawal of toxic plant protection products and the good protection of wintering sites.

For the 32nd time, Ojców’s wintering bats were counted. During the 4-day study, the students examined 23 objects, including 21 caves.

“Students visited many caves and the opportunities to access these caves vary, but this does not prevent them from continuing their long-term research on the area. This trip is a great opportunity to train heavy skills in recognizing bat species ,” said Wojciech Olma, president of KL UPP’s etiology department.

There are 26 species of bats in Poland. They are all protected by law. European bats do not attack humans.

PAP-Polish Science, Rafał Grzyb

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