Dolnośląskie/Wałbrzych will join the bee-friendly city this year

Dolnośląskie/Wałbrzych will join the bee-friendly city this year

This year, 1,800 flowers, shrubs and trees that are friendly to pollinators will be planted in the Wałbrzych commune. These activities will be carried out as part of the “Bee Friendly Commune” project, which is part of the “We Use Kujawski to Help Bees” project.

As stated in the press release sent to PAP, the seeding will be carried out with residents and they will also be able to participate in educational activities and competitions about these beneficial insects.

Michael Liguz, an urban gardener in Wałbrzych, also encourages all residents to create their own “flower canteens” on balconies, terraces and gardens to grow beekeeping-friendly flowers.

For many years, protecting biodiversity and environmental protection, including pollinating insects, and creating friendly places for them, have been part of the activities of the city and commune of Wavbčić. Every year, we organize afforestation and flower and grass campaigns and invite residents of Wałbrzych to participate. This year, we will plant 600 kinds of herbs, 800 kinds of shrubs, and 400 kinds of nectar and pollen trees. We have also created flower corridors to provide bees with food and hotels where they can build nests. Ligus said: “We also plan to carry out educational competitions and activities aimed at protecting these beneficial insects. We hope that residents will actively participate in them.”

The goal of the “Using Kujawski, We Help Bees” program operated by ZT Kruszwica SA is to plant one million bee-friendly flowers in Poland in the next three years. The plan created the “Beekeeping Friendship Declaration” to encourage communes to grow nectar and pollen plants and to involve residents in activities aimed at protecting insect pollinators. In the first year, 80 cities participated in the program; in the second year, 214 cities across Poland participated in the program. Lower Silesia is one of the regions where most communes signed the declaration in the previous version. In the past three years, nearly 70,000 jobs have been created. A place for beekeeping-said the organizer. (PAP)

Author: Roman · Skiba (Roman Skiba)