Among the novelties of European Entrepreneur Day, interactive mirrors and 3D fitting rooms

Among the novelties of European Entrepreneur Day, interactive mirrors and 3D fitting rooms

3D dressing rooms, interactive mirrors, apps for printing photos from smartphones or ordering meals in restaurants-these are some innovative ideas that will be available during the European Entrepreneurship Day in Katowice in May.

The third session of the event will be held in Upper Silesia, capital of Upper Silesia, from May 15th to 16th, concurrently with the European Economic Conference the day before. The organizers of both events hope Katowice will be a meeting place for young technology companies, investors and business representatives.

“Those who have the best business idea and want to implement it or develop it on a large scale will have the opportunity to show themselves, establish cooperation with investors and experts, win shareholders and arouse media interest. Those who are curious about innovation and bold ways of thinking People are bound to find many compelling ideas,” explains Wojciech Kuśpik, president of the PTWP Group, organizer of the conference and entrepreneurship day.

The special guest of this year’s European Start-up Day will be the Vice President of the European Commission, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market, and Andrus Ansip, Prime Minister of Estonia, 2005-2013. He will be accompanied by the former head of the European Parliament and the head of the Katowice Congress Program Committee. Jerzy Buzek.

The slogan of this year’s launch day is “technology that will change the world”. Part of the event was the “Entrepreneurship Challenge”. This year, nearly 200 startup companies submitted their ideas. The jury selected 100 of the most interesting juries, which will be exhibited in the Scale-up Alley-Spodek Entertainment and Stadium for business visionaries. The authors of these 18 best concepts will not only perform at the speech stage of European Entrepreneurship Day, but also at the European Economic Conference.

The proposed start-ups will include Abyss Glass, a company engaged in the production and sales of interactive mirrors, which can identify the clothes a customer takes with them to the fitting room and, on this basis, display information that he may be interested in. You will also be able to see the Fit & Match solution, which allows you to virtually “try on” selected clothes while shopping online. The application creates a 3D model of the customer’s body based on the input measurement values, thereby providing an opportunity to adjust the clothes appropriately.

Travel and photography enthusiasts are the recipients of the Image4you application, which allows you to print photos from your smartphone from anywhere in the world, and then send them to the address specified by the customer in the form of postcards, polaroids, calendars, memo games, etc.

An interesting fact is Comer-a mobile application that allows you to use your mobile phone to order food without a waiter. All you need to do is select the table number, choose a dish from the interactive menu, and pay in the app. Therefore, you can shorten the waiting time and then leave the restaurant faster after the meal. In addition, a rich menu with comments and photos of each dish will help you make your choice.

Among the outstanding ideas, there is also a tool that allows the audience to communicate in real time with the lecturer or seminar leader. The “Speaking Time” application turns every phone in the room into a microphone, enabling audio and text communication, as well as polling and polling.

In the category of new industries and new technologies, ATS WorldWide won an award-an automated intelligent system for transporting aircraft on the airport apron. The innovative and unprecedented solutions invented by three engineers in Warsaw attracted the attention of the US government and the Airport Association.

The competition jury also praised Medical Simulation Technologies’ global innovative solution, which manufactures and sells advanced medical simulators for training specialists. The transesophageal echocardiography simulator is the company’s first implementation product.

In the medical field, symptom examiners are outstanding. This artificial intelligence assistance system allows parents to have first insights into their children’s symptoms. Based on the interview, the system advises whether the symptoms observed in children are severe enough to be treated, or whether it is a common cold that can be treated at home, for example.

Another featured solution is Genomtec’s portable pocket laboratory. In just 20 minutes, the on-chip laboratory analyzer can identify viruses, bacteria, genetic mutations or fungi without the need for expert involvement.

This year’s European Start-up Day event will have more than 70 speakers, hundreds of startups and more than 25,000 people attending. The guests. A discussion group, lectures by the instructor, actual case studies and a program to start a demonstration of ideas have been prepared for them. Participants can also participate in the debate at the European Economic Conference held at the same time-last year, the event attracted more than 9,000 people to the Katowice Conference. Guests from business, politics and science. (PAP)

Author: MarekBłoński

Editor: Bożena Dymkowska