“Plastic shell”-a new type of plastic garbage

“Plastic shell”-a new type of plastic garbage

A new type of plastic pollution: Portuguese scientists discovered a plastic shell covering coastal rocks on Atlantic islands.

According to MARE, the Portuguese Marine and Environmental Research Center, its experts have identified and described a new form of plastic waste, which they call “plasticrusts.” It is a pile of plastic fragments clinging to the rocks on the shore of a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The south coast of the island has been under surveillance since 2106, when the island began to be covered by plastic particles, possibly formed by larger plastic fragments and the breaking of waves on the rocks.

Researchers say that now the garbage has shrunk into a crusty skin and stuck to the rocks.

According to their calculations, “plastic rust” has covered about 10%. Rocky seashore surface in the tidal zone. Sample analysis showed that they were mainly blue and white polyethylene (PE) garbage.

Researchers do not yet know that this garbage may have an impact on the environment. They warned that potential “trash cans” could be mistaken for food by creatures in the tidal zone.

They plan to further investigate new pollutants to assess the extent to which they will disrupt the marine food chain. They also want to know whether similar phenomena have occurred on other Atlantic islands (such as the Canary Islands) or on the mainland.

The research results have been published on Science Direct (PAP)

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