CBK PAN: By Wednesday, the area covered by the Bursa National Park fire increased eightfold

CBK PAN: By Wednesday, the area covered by the Bursa National Park fire increased eightfold

Between April 20 and 22, the area covered by the fire in Bibersa National Park increased eightfold to nearly 4,200 hectares. According to CBK PAN analysis using satellite data, the smoke cloud reached the border of Mazowieckie Province.

Experts from the Crisis Information Center (CIK) of the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN) monitor the development of the Biboza National Park fire. Their current analysis considers data sent by the American satellites Landsat-7 and Landsat-8 and the European satellite Sentinel-3.

“The observations in the last three days show that on April 20, the fire area was 528 hectares and it was rapidly expanding. On the second day, it tripled (1486 hectares) and covered 4175 hectares on April 22 Area-Inform CBK PAN in the issuance sent to PAP on Thursday.

The high-resolution images of the Landsat satellite make it possible to see the location and size of the fire front. In the photo released on April 21, it has the form of multiple parts, the largest of which are about 1-2 kilometers long. The chronological sequence of the images shows the line of fire moving southwest.

The monitoring of the fire situation also considers data from meteorological satellites. According to the center’s announcement, their resolution does not allow you to see the fire itself, but it can indicate the extent of the smoke cloud caused by the fire. Images from the Aqua satellite on April 20 and April 22 show that at that time, the smoke cloud was about 120 kilometers long and reached the border of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

According to the permanent agreement signed between the State Fire Administration and CBK PAN, fire monitoring in Biboza National Park shall be carried out at the request of the State Fire Administration.

The Crisis Information Center CBK PAN supports crisis management in Poland and the European Union, especially in the following areas: In the implementation of modern solutions based on satellite and aerial observations (including drones) and widely understood geographic information. Fire-related issues, including the estimation of fire risks in Europe, are also research topics for scientists from the Earth Observation Department of the Central Institute of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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