Pomorskie/archaeologists will check if the church and castle of Skarszewy are connected by tunnels

Pomorskie/archaeologists will check if the church and castle of Skarszewy are connected by tunnels

It is the castle of the Knights Hospital and the Holy Church. Is Michael the Archangel in Skarszewy connected by a 100-meter tunnel? This information appeared in texts more than a century ago. Now, archaeologists will verify it during planned non-invasive research and urban drilling.

For several years, scientists from the School of Archaeology of Warsaw University have been conducting research in Skarszewy (Pomeranian Province). These are all excavation and non-invasive work performed using modern technologies such as laser scanning, GPR and geophysical surveys. All of these, you can learn as much as possible about the history of this Pomeranian town.

Skarszewy is the only city in Gdansk and Pomerania, thanks to the Knights Hospital. City rights were granted in 1320.

Dr. PAPMichał Starski from the Department of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw said: “So far, the research has covered a small part of the building in the market square and discovered the relics of a small wine cellar in the 14th century and the foundation of a modern apartment built in the middle of the square. .” Work was also carried out on the wall of ul. Zduńska. According to the researchers, the most interesting discovery was a stack of 6 pottery stoves from the 18th century.

One of the hypotheses that needs to be verified is that there is a so-called tunnel connecting the castle and St. Church. Archangel Michael. Information about the tunnel appeared in the works of German historians at the end of the 19th century. In 1938, the local parish priest described this. However, it is uncertain whether the author of the description saw the tunnel or only heard about the tunnel, and the structure they describe. The researchers hope to verify these reports.

Both buildings are related to the oldest period in the city. They are about 100 m apart from each other and are located in the highest part of the Old Town Mountain. Only the basement of the current castle property is from the late Middle Ages, because the above ground was rebuilt after the Swedish invasion. Records from the fourteenth century may also be found in the Holy Church. Archangel Michael-the result of the information provided by the scientist.

Recent GPR and electrofusion tomography studies have provided interesting results, revealing linear anomalies in deep underground on the axis connecting the castle to the church. According to Dr. Hubble. Radosław Mieszkowski from the Geological Institute of the University of Warsaw participated in the project, but could not clearly indicate that it was a tunnel. He talked about this issue in a video promoting the research project, which was just released on YouTube.

The researchers point out that in the past few centuries, this work has been done in artificially shaped areas, which makes it difficult to clearly identify recorded anomalies.

“There is no single method that can answer all the research questions that are raised, so we must apply these methods comprehensively.”-emphasized in the video of the research professor. Krzysztof Misiewicz, Department of Archaeology, University of Warsaw.

Dr. Starski told PAP that further work in the form of drilling will be carried out at locations indicated by experts this year.

Archaeological research is part of the city’s revival. In order to plan them properly, non-intrusive work has been carried out in the market square, castle square and near the church. The discovery of previous buildings in these places will provide guidance for future research work.

PAP-Polish Science, Szymon Zdzierałowski

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