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Lubski/Santok Castle Museum will open with a new version

After more than two years of rest, the Santok Castle Museum, a few kilometers away from Gorzów Wielkopolski, will open. Its building has been renovated
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Scientist: The warming in the past two decades is unprecedented on the scale of 2000

In the past few decades, the warmest period in 2000 has declined, and the worrying…
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Professor Malinowski in the taiga fire: peat swamps are harder to extinguish than forests

The fire in northern Russia is unprecedented. Not only is the taiga burning, but there…
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What if an asteroid hits the earth

At the end of July, the OK asteroid passed near the Earth in 2019. If…
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“Plastic shell”-a new type of plastic garbage

A new type of plastic pollution: Portuguese scientists discovered a plastic shell covering coastal rocks…
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Research: The structure of ridges is universally similar

IFJ PAN scientists’ research on ridges using graphics and fractals has shown that the structures…
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